MATCHBOOK is a competitive, online golf network for your customers and clients.  It's a virtual golf club and online community where players can:

  • Meet and network with like-minded individuals
  • Arrange golf across the country or internationally
  • Access new courses to play
  • Review and discuss all things golf with fellow golfers
  • Benefit from special offers and compete to win prizes

MATCHBOOK is a powerful and bespoke, white-label marketing platform that allows businesses to communicate and connect with their customers 24/7 through their passion for golf.

Why is MATCHBOOK good for your business?

MATCHBOOK associates and invites your business into the life and passion of your customers via a highly targeted and controlled marketing platform 24/7. It represents a very effective channel to build aspiration and desirability for your brand and extend your reach to new customers.

MATCHBOOK is a white-label platform so the ‘look and feel' of the website is yours and will reflect your company's image and brand profile. MATCHBOOK is proven to drive new customer acquisition, consumer spend, brand interaction and customer loyalty. It offers great potential for 3rd party endorsement and advertising opportunities to connect similar brands thereby reducing your marketing expenditure.

MATCHBOOK creates a 'sticky' environment around your brand - providing long website dwell times (not just when your customers are playing golf) and offering a low cost per head marketing solution versus conventional marketing channels.

Why golf?

Quite simply, golf is the business sport and offers a positive and prestigious affiliation.  Golf's audience comprises more professionals and decision makers than average. As a result it can meet nearly any marketing objective because of its unique structure, geographic sprawl, participatory fan base and upstanding professional athletes.

The world's top brands utilise golf in many ways with outstanding results. Over 220 million people play golf worldwide – it appeals to a range of ages and across many demographics, providing a great opportunity for brand exposure.

Golf is constantly increasing in popularity, it returns to the Olympics in Brazil 2016 and emerging markets are fuelling growth in Asia and beyond so the sport's future is bright in every area of the world.

How can I find out more?

If you have any questions or would like us to come and talk to you about how MATCHBOOK could work for your business, please drop us a line at:

inline icon hello@matchbookgolf.com

inline icon 01306 743100